The Effects Of Natural Disasters

Generally, the calamities cause destructions such as loss of several lives, destruction of infrastructures and economic crises. The most common types of natural disasters which people have witnessed in different parts of the world are Thunderstorm, Earthquake, Flood, Volcano Eruption, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Landslide, Drought, Tornado, Tsunami, Hail, and Wildfire. The level of a disaster is measured by the severity of destruction caused by it. Hence in unpopulated areas, natural disasters are not regarded with any intensity as compared to the densely populated areas.

The world has witnessed the obliteration of so many natural disasters. Millions of people have died in earthquakes, tsunami, and heatstroke, freezing to death, falling off buildings or trees and many others. The natural disasters can occur without a warning and cause ample of devastation. However, it also depends on the region as to which disaster can most likely occur.

Science has designed tools and precautionary measures to calculate the intensity of the natural disaster and minimize the damage. Since the natural disasters are unstoppable, actions are taken to save lives and economic damage. Also, protecting people by forewarning them about the future demolition and transporting them to a safer place.

When a natural calamity strikes in a densely populated area, inestimable loss occurs. People have to start their lives from a scratch as their houses, transports, livelihood and sometimes loved ones are lost. It takes several years to rebuild their lives, bringing it all back to normal. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair as agricultural fields’ gets barren or the scarcity of water occurs. In that case, people have to migrate towards another area. The disaster also causes personal and psychological damage with loss of valuable items, professional and educational documents and the loss of family members or friends.

The intensity of the disasters increases over the decades. This means aggressive loss of lives and properties even when the people are somewhat prepared with their shelters and precautions. In such cases, the history has witnessed the amazing resilience of the humanity. People from all over the world send their aid to support the victims. Organizations are set up to provide basic facilities to the survivors, donations are given. Hence the support is done at a global level. People from different sectors, levels or countries come forward to volunteer for emotional and financial support. Though, nobody can truly decipher the pain of a survivor, a little help always makes a difference.

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