Natural Disasters: Experiencing And Dealing With Them

The count of natural disasters has increased majorly in the past few decades, with reports of these disasters being bigger and much worse than before. The main cause for concern isn’t global warming or the Nano weather effect here; it is more related to the fact that we keep on building in dangerous areas and […]

Learn To Survive In The Disasters

There are thousands of disasters occurred around the world every year. Some people escaped from the disasters for they are lucky enough. Most of them survived from the disasters for they were strong enough. How to survive in the disasters is a urgent skills we should learn. Mount Merapi volcanic had erupted for a third […]

The Effects Of Natural Disasters

Generally, the calamities cause destructions such as loss of several lives, destruction of infrastructures and economic crises. The most common types of natural disasters which people have witnessed in different parts of the world are Thunderstorm, Earthquake, Flood, Volcano Eruption, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Landslide, Drought, Tornado, Tsunami, Hail, and Wildfire. The level of a disaster […]