Learn To Survive In The Disasters

There are thousands of disasters occurred around the world every year. Some people escaped from the disasters for they are lucky enough. Most of them survived from the disasters for they were strong enough. How to survive in the disasters is a urgent skills we should learn.

Mount Merapi volcanic had erupted for a third time, with local people reportedly saying this was louder and stronger than the previous eruption last Tuesday. Indonesia suffered three different kinds of natural disaster these days. By now at least 400 persons were killed in these disasters.

Millions of people were killed in the natural other disasters recent years. Earthquake destroyed thousands of houses. Tsunami killed thousands of people. Volcanic tsunami made thousands of people lost their beloved ones. It is not the only one bad news to us. These years we heard countless natural disasters happened. We even become used to the natural disasters. It is a really big tragedy to become used to the death and disaster.

The human being can do a great to change the living environment. We could build the skyscrapers. We could make the submarine. We could make the airplane. We could build the skyscraper. We even can make everything which you could imagine. And we even could explore the outer space. But we could do nothing when facing such natural disasters.

Recent years, there are earthquake, flood, and other disasters occurred all over the world. We could do nothing to save such people in disasters except help the survival ones to rebuild their houses. We always say that the doomsday is coming with humor when talking about the frequently natural disasters. Not because we do not afraid about the end of the world but we could do nothing since we are only human being. We always asked others about this question: β€œIs 2012 doomsday coming?”

Is the doomsday coming? No one would answer this question completely. But no one would say no immediately since there are countless tragedies all over the world recent years. What shall we do if the doomsday is coming? Stop working? Or continue to live as normal? How could we survive in the disasters?I am the one who prefer to believe that the doomsday is coming. Maybe 2012 is not the end of the world. But in my opinion, the world is not as safe as before. There are full of tragedies made by human being or nature. The end of the world is coming sooner or later. I do not want to wait to death. So I prefer to work harder. I prefer to enjoy the life. At the same time, I try to cherish time and life better. And I try to protect myself and my family.

But how I could to protect myself and keep healthy? I tried to get rid of the bad habits. Do the exercises with my family every morning. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I try to eat more healthy food. I even tried to quit smoking. Since I am a heavy smoker and I try to smoking in vain.

I even persuade my family and friends to learn some survival skills with me. I think it is quite useful when meeting such terrible disasters like what happened in Indonesia. I am not a pessimistic person. On the contrary, I am the optimistic one. I do not want to be the one who is regret about his life when dying. We could do nothing when meeting the terrible tragedies, but we must learn something from the tragedies.

Are you still wasting the time now? Do you feel tired of life? If so, please have a look at the victims in Indonesia or somewhere are suffering the tragedy. You may change your opinion later. The life will be much better than you thought before. Tragedy will not bring us to death, only the helplessness can do that.

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