Dating Disasters – A Survival Guide

We’ve all been there – the disastrous date. Dating disasters come in all flavors – from spilling your meal all over your date to saying something you shouldn’t go running into (or blabbering about) your ex, to making a fool of yourself because you’ve had too much to drink.

Dating disasters can be sorted into two main groups. The “Help, I’m on a bad date and I got to get out of here” category, and the “I really like this person, but this is NOT going well” department. Take a look at some of the dating disasters that can occur during, before or after the date – and hope it never happens to you!

Car accident.

Breaking down on the way to pick up your date is one thing, but having a car crash and sustaining an injury would tell many people that you and your date simply were never meant to be together and that fate has stepped in.

A third person.

An unexpected friend of your date turning up is pretty hard to take. If you have met your date on one of the dating websites or via singles chat rooms, then this situation is pretty common for security reasons – but it still doesn’t make it any easier if you weren’t expecting it, a chaperone was never part of the plan.

Mixing up the time or date.

Oops! If you’re trying to make a good impression and accidentally stand your date up, you need to come up with a plan B, and pretty quickly. Hopefully, if they have a good sense of humor you will avoid having the door slammed in your face next time you see them.

Fashion suicide.Turning up in unsuitable clothing starts the date off on the wrong note. In this circumstance, you will feel paranoid and out of place, concerned that people are talking about you. Don’t overdress for a meal at the local Tavern, and don’t turn up at a wedding in jeans and a crushed, non-ironed shirt.

Their other half.

You have every reason the think your date is un-mistakenly single, but the tide turns decisively when you and your date are confronted by an angry woman claiming to be his wife. Ouch!

Menu fiasco.

Before you make dinner reservations, have the common sense to establish whether your date has any diet restrictions. If you have big intentions of taking her to your favorite steakhouse, when she announces to you that she’s a vegetarian, it may well throw a spanner in the works. Also, brush up on your table manners, and there is nothing as off-putting as someone who gets excessively drunk.

Be careful what you criticize.

If you are too quick to judge something, you are likely to offend your date. Keep your religious and political beliefs to yourself for the time being and avoid making sweeping comments until you get to know a bit more about the person.

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